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Now servicing the entire South East Queensland region, Rockworx delivers direct from the quarry to you at wholesale rates. Porphyry, granite, sandstone and bush rock range from 150mm up to 1800mm in size, with aggregates and deco/fines available on request.

Natural rock material can be used for a variety of applications from garden edging and creek treatments through to gabion walls, stone pitching and rock retaining. The advantage of these natural products is that they provide longevity and will not rust or rot.

For help choosing the right type of product for your project, contact our office to speak to one of our friendly team.


Porphyry Boulders 400x400

Porphyry Boulders

Used mainly for retaining walls and garden features. Sizes from 500mm to 1800mm.

Porphyry Hand Sized 400x400

Hand Sized

For retaining walls and garden features, sizes range from 500mm to 1800mm.

Stone Pitching 400x400

Stone Pitching

Rockworx Porphyry has been used widely throughout Yarrabilba and other estates for stone pitching.

Creek Treatment 400x400

Creek Treatment

Porphyry provides unrivalled colour ranges that are perfect for any rock garden, or creek/swale treatment.


Granite Boulders 400x400

Granite Boulders

Primarily for retaining walls and garden features, granite boulders range from 500mm to 1800mm.

Gabion Rock 400x400

Gabion Rock

For gabion baskets, garden edging and drainage, sizes range from 75 to 150mm.

Granite Handsized 400x400

Hand Sized

Used for garden edging, small rock walls and stone pitching. Sizes from 150 to 400mm.

Deco Dust 400x400

Deco / Dust

Most commonly used on driveways, paths and hardstands with sizes from 6mm minus./span>


Random Sandstone 400x400

Random Sandstone

For retaining walls and garden features, random sandstone ranges in shape and size from 400 to 800mm.

Cut Sandstone 400x400

Cut Sandstone

For retaining walls, garden beds and seating. A Grade (5 cut sides) and B Grade (min. 4 cut sides) available. Sizes range from 400 to 800mm.

Rough Sandstone 400x400

Rough Faced Sandstone

Used mainly for retaining walls and garden beds. Cut sandstone with 5 wheel sawn edges and one natural face. Sizes from 400 to 800mm.

Sandstone Handsized 400x400

Hand Sized

Hand sized sandstone is mainly used for crazy pave, stone pitching and garden edging. Sizes range from 150 to 400mm.